Reed Diffuser Lavender & Neroli


Organic Natural candles
Alcohol free Vegetable base
100% Essential Oils
When you receive the Reed Diffuser, the reeds are dry and porous. Once the reed sticks are placed into bottle, they will soak up the oil quite quickly during the first week. Thereafter the rate of fragrance oil soaked up slows down a lot, and will last approximately 8 weeks. This does vary depending on how warm the environment is and how often you turn the sticks.

For a stronger scent, you can turn the sticks regularly and this will shorten the lifespan and vice versa. The reed diffusers will also soak up more oil during hot weather, and in dry environments as the reeds will dry out quicker and therefore absorb more fragrance oils. When the oil in the bottle is finished the reed diffuser will continue to scent the room as there is still fragrance oils within them. Once your Reed Diffuser has finished, you can refill the bottle with our refills.

Warning: Keep in the original container. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label, or any safety instructions enclosed before use.

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Lavender & Neroli

Create a welcoming and calming ambience in your home with our highly fragranced Reed Diffusers. There is no reason why your home shouldn’t smell as amazing as you do. Just as layering your personal fragrance with shower gels, body creams and cologne, makes a richer and longer lasting scent, the same is true with fragrancing our homes. If like me, you like your home to be fragranced all day long, try using different forms of the same scent throughout your home, or experiment with blending our scents together. The Lavender & Neroli scents work in synergy with the Sweet Orange & Geranium scents. There is no guess work involved. We have created our scents to complement each other. Infused with 100% essential oils, calming Lavender, sweet Neroli and Mandarin, finished off with a hint of Rosemary. Our Reed Diffusers create a perfectly balanced and welcoming scent in any room.


Size: 100ml

Pack includes: 10 wooden reeds

Includes gift box

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Lavender & Neroli, SWEET ORANGE & GERANIUM


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