Questions about Essentially Davina products

Why is a 100% natural plant based candle superior to a paraffin wax candle?

Paraffin wax is derived for petroleum. Candles made with paraffin wax are full of carcinogens, making them highly toxic. Paraffin wax candles give off harmful fumes, and will be in the air that we breathe. Research studies have found that these fumes have been linked to respiratory problems and even Lung Cancer.
A natural candle will release the scent into the air naturally and for longer. They will last for approximately 25 – 50% longer than paraffin wax candles, making them much more economical. If burnt correctly, they burn right to the edge and all the way down to the bottom so there is no wax wastage. We only use ingredients that are environmentally friendly, which gives a clean burn, meaning its better for your health, home and the environment.
Natural waxes are completely healthy and toxin free. They are free from petrochemicals, they’re smokeless and soot free, and all renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. They are free from pesticides and herbicides. We do not use any synthetic scents, only 100% Essential Oils.

What type of ingredients do you use?

What type of wax do you use?

We only use 100% plant wax.

What type of Fragrance do you use?

We use 100% pure essential oils.

What type of wicks do you use?

We only use lead-free, 100% cotton wicks.

What is frosting?

Well, if you’ve never seen it before, its where the natural wax re-crystallises and is trying to return back to its natural state. It can also look like the wax is pulling away from the glass. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the quality of the candle or how it burns. All of our candles are hand poured and once dried, they look perfect. This can with the fluctuations in temperatures, for example during transport or if the room that your candle is in has a change in temperature. If your candle arrives with frosting, it will usually disappear once in a warm environment.

{insert photo of candle with frosting}

Do your candles have frosting?

All natural wax candles will have frosting. This is a clear indication that we are using 100% natural waxes. Some companies will add additives to try and prevent frosting, however if you want a 100% natural product then you should expect to see some frosting.

How to burn your candle correctly

Before burning your candle, we recommend that you follow these few simple rules in order to get the most efficient burn from your candle, and to make sure that we are burning candles safely in our homes.

– Light all 3 wicks at the same time.
– Burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4.
– Before Lighting your candle, make sure the wicks are trimmed to approximately 1cm.
– Never leave a burning candle unattended.
– Always keep out of the reach of children and animals.
– Never leave your burning candle on the edge of furniture.
– Always leave at least 10cm between lit candles.
– Never burn on, or near anything that can catch fire.
– Always extinguish the candle and do not relight when the wax level is less than 1cm.
– If smoking occurs, gently blow the candle out. Trim wick(s), remove trimmings, and relight.
– Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches, or any combustible material. Keep the wick centred.
– Avoid burning candles in drafts.

Scent Throw

Scent throw simply means how much the scent fills the room with a potent and long lasting scent. Well I can tell you that our candles have a great scent throw, but they will never be as potent as a chemically fragranced candle. If you wish to scent a large room, please go for either one of the larger candles or fragrance layer with a selection of candles, reed diffusers, room sprays etc, and because we use 100% essential oils, they also have a clean and natural smell. So no more headaches caused by burning petrochemicals and fake fragrance.

Can the glass jars be recycled?

Our jars are made from recycled glass. The wax we use is water soluble, so you can easily wash the glass jars out with hot, soapy water and either recycle the jars or reuse them as i do and put anything from your make up brushes in them to toothbrushes, cotton pads and Q tips…the list is endless!

How long do the Reed Diffusers last for?

When you receive the Reed Diffuser, the reeds are dry and porous. Once the reed sticks are placed into bottle, they will soak up the oil quite quickly during the first week. Thereafter the rate of fragrance oil soaked up slows down a lot, and will last approximately 8 weeks. This does vary depending on how warm the environment is and how often you turn the sticks.
For a stronger scent, you can turn the sticks regularly and this will shorten the lifespan and vice versa. The reed diffusers will also soak up more oil during hot weather, and in dry environments as the reeds will dry out quicker and therefore absorb more fragrance oils. When the oil in the bottle is finished the reed diffuser will continue to scent the room as there is still fragrance oils within them. Once your Reed Diffuser has finished, you can refill the bottle with our refills.

Do your Room Sprays contain Alcohol?

No! Essentially Davina Room Sprays are made with 100% organic essential oils in a natural vegetable base, which means that you only smell the oils. This does mean that the scent can not last as long as a spray that contains fragrance, alcohol, or  other preservatives.

Questions about My Order

How do I change or cancel my order?

Email us via our contact page here as soon as possible, as once it has been dispatched it will be too late.

Has my order been dispatched? 

If you log in to your account you can view your order status by simply clicking on “My Orders” from your account dashboard. We also send out a confirmation email to advise its been sent

When will I receive my order?

Delivery times vary depending on your delivery address, and which delivery option you selected when placing your order.  As a guide you are looking at 2-4 days, please note we don’t ship anything over the weekend so if you placed your order late on a Friday night it would be processed and packed on the Monday and shipped Monday afternoon

I haven’t received my order

If you haven’t received your order after the delivery period has ended, please contact us here

I have received the wrong product, what do I do?

Please contact us here and we’ll pick up the incorrect items and get replacements to you as soon as possible.

My product has been damaged, what do I do?

We’re sorry that your Essentially Davina product has been damaged. All items are thoroughly checked before being wrapped and dispatched. Unfortunately, on occasion parcels can get damaged in transit. If your product has been damaged, please contact us on the day of delivery and we will arrange a replacement as soon as possible. Please note we may arrange to collect the faulty goods or ask for you to provide a photograph for our own quality control investigations.


How do I update my personal details? 

To update your contact details, log in to your account and select “Account Information”. To change, add or delete delivery addresses simply select “Address Book” from the menu on the left-hand side.

I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgotten password link on any log in page, then enter your email address where prompted on the log in page. We will then email you a link that you can use to change your password.

Are my personal details secure?

We can never view your password. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology so you can be assured that your details are stored safely and securely. And all payments are taken on either Paypal or Stripe payments who do the processing on there servers so we never hold any credit or debit card details

Does anyone else see the information that I provide?

We respect your privacy. The information you provide will not be given to any third party without obtaining your express consent.

How do I unsubscribe from newsletter e-mails?

We provide unsubscribe links in all of our mailings. Simply scroll to the bottom of the email and you will see an unsubscribe link and one click and you will be removed, we of course will be sorry to see you go

Do you offer next day UK delivery?

Yes we do. This is restricted to GB mainland only. Orders must be placed before 11am. Orders placed before 11am on Friday are delivered on Monday/Tuesday. Orders placed over the weekend are delivered on Tuesday/Wednesday. We do other types of delivery as well for GB customers, such as a morning service, before 9am service, and even Saturday delivery. These services will incur an additional cost. Please do contact us if you wish to upgrade you delivery service. If you need a next day delivery, but its past 11am, please do contact us as this may still be possible.


Please contact us for more information about returns.
Please note that some returns will incur a postage cost.

What can be returned to Essentially Davina for replacement?

Any product purchased from as long as it is in an un-opened and re-sellable condition or is either faulty or damaged.

How do I arrange a return or exchange?

To arrange a return please contact us, Exchanges will incur a postage cost.

Can I return an item I didn’t purchase on

Please contact the store you purchased the faulty item from in order to arrange your return.

Have you received my returned goods?

We will contact you as soon as we received your returns. If you haven’t heard from us please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

I’ve returned my order, how long does it take for a refund?

Refunds are arranged within 14 days of us receiving faulty/unwanted goods.